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Les rêveries Vénitennes
  • 1. Les rêveries Vénitennes (site web) | mardi, 08 novembre 2016
Hello Renatus !
Thank you very much for your kind words.
Some costumed our association came to Ludwigsburg, beautiful place !!!!!
With great pleasure to share !!!!!

Soon we hope for new rencotres costume !

Les rêveries.
Renatus Dierberger
  • 2. Renatus Dierberger (site web) | lundi, 03 octobre 2016

I write my Email better in English although You might understand German at all.

I found Your association by saeaching for events for friends of barock / rokoko / Venetian costumes and masks and like to wear them at different events.

I share the informations on my facebook-site because I wanted to devide it from am page of the Venetians of Ludwigsburg /inofficials page - because I'm new there and the old pages are not used by the groupe because severall people left the union so the pages calmed down.

I also like to offer lessons for dancing and theater of those ancient times.
So it would be nice to get those informations also out of france, if there are such courses.

Thank You for Your organisations at the events in the three towns:
May be we come up to one of Your events in the following years.

Greetings from Stuttgart to Lake Geneva

Renatus Dierberger

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